Drafting Services Supported by INDUSTRY Experience:

From T/A, Welder, Boilermaker, Foreman, Site Supervisor to Company Director.

Combined Drafting and Construction Experience:  Kevin started in the construction industry at the age of 16 years as a Trades Assistant to Welder/Boilermakers and within a few years became fully certified in all welding certificate positions; manual metal arc, tig, mig, submerged and gas arc etc., working with mild steel, stainless steel, bisalloy, copper, brass, sheetmetal, pipe welding, structural, balustrading and exotic metals and worked on numerous projects across Australia and New Zealand including multi-storied buildings, factories, warehouses, hospitals, medical centres, schools, shopping centres, airports, steel mills and also carrying out maintenance and shutdown works etc.

This vast background led Kevin to become a Workshop Foreman in his early 20's managing a crew of up to 30 Welders, Boilermakers, Trades Assistants and Sub-contractors and liaisons with Company Directors, Engineers, Architects, Site Supervisors, Project Managers, Fabricators and Site Erectors and suppliers etc.

Due to the many years of gathering hands-on knowledge working directly in the construction industry Kevin obtained a sharp eye for spotting anomalies in drawings and effectively was able to prevent costly mistakes occurring prior to fabrication and manufacture let alone proceeding further to issues arising onsite, where onsite issues did arise he has this innate ability to problem solve rapidly.  Eventually, the opportunity arose to a career as a Draftsman which again Kevin quickly moved through the ranks to Senior level which inevitably led to him opening up his own drafting business called Broederlow Drafting in 2008.

Top Service with RESULTS

Allow us to meet, if not exceed your expectations!

Industry appreciation has allowed Kevin to offer this service to his clients and where issues have arisen throughout any process of the design through to manufacturing (that 99% of the time have nothing to do with detailing whatsoever) all the way through to onsite erection his problem-solving abilities have proven to be an asset saving companies thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs and ensuring projects are delivered on time, all the time - our goal is to build long term sustainable business relationships.

On many occasions Kevin has had clients come to him who have contracted other detailing businesses who have quoted for jobs well below cost and landed the job due to this, and unfortunately due to a lack of industry knowledge and skill have turned out to be extremely costly and major variations to works have occurred putting them out of pocket rather than ahead.  The intent to be cost-effective and profitable has ended up with adverse effects resulting instead.

It is here that Kevin gives emphasis in being competitive to meet industry standards and expectations in providing fair quotes supported by providing quality detailing services and priority in looking after his clients - he really does go above and beyond and this is evident in his drafting business growing from strength to strength.

Clients across Australia, South Pacific and Asia

Building Solid Business Relationships IS Paramount

  • Broederlow Drafting has been operating since 2008 and strives to provide a high standard of service.
  • An enviable client base and projects we are truly proud to be associated with.
  • South East Steel Framing using the Scotsteel system, ceiling and panelized roof systems and FrameCAD by Robert Cummings & Associates for their framing systems.
  • Pacific Drafting as a Senior Draftsperson detailing and modelling in Xsteel and AutoCAD, Structural and Mechanical conveyor systems for coal mines and producing workshop drawings.
  • Extensive Xsteel experience with a variety of multiple projects, workshops/factories, schools and architecturally designed homes that require structural steel supports.
  • 7 years as a Senior Draftsperson detailing for Stoddarts (Previously known as Steel House Frames LTD) using AutoCAD14, Qframes, and SupraCADD and Spanman. From single level residential homes to architecturally designed 3 story multi/split level homes through to large and complex Commercial/Residential Estates.
  • Detailed drawings and management liaisons for varying large school and commercial projects throughout Southeast Queensland.
  • Diploma in Project Management Gold Coast TAFE - 2011

Industry Appreciation

Client peace of mind IS our business

  • Workshop Foreman
  • Site Supervisor
  • Project Manager
  • Staff Training and Supervision
  • Implementation of Workplace Health & Safety in the Workshop and Onsite
  • Stock Control, Purchasing and Quality Control
  • A-Grade Boilermaker certified welder in most positions.
  • Acquired experience in Structural Steel Construction working on varying projects within Australia and New Zealand and for a variety of reputable Construction Companies.