Quality Superior Product

Quality Superior Product


This report sets out to examine the consumer behaviour characteristics of buyers and potential buyers of steel house frames andbug trusses and examines the products features and benefits to the consumer, its target segment in the Australian marketplace, factors influencing buyer behaviour, including the products past history, and its current stance against its longstanding historical competitor – wood.

It emphasizes the ongoing industry research and development of steel framing systems and how the home building sector directly contributes to the economic growth of Australia and the life-cycles that determine sustainability of the product in current and projected fluctuating global economies.

Over 10,000 steel framed homes are built in Australia every year and demand is on the increase as product knowledge and popularity grows.  Steel house framing systems have been used in building residential houses and similar light gauge construction in Australia for over 50 years. It determines the quality of your building in both the short and long term, and is a product that is strong and durable, straight and true and does not warp and shrink.

Steel framing offers greater design freedom than other materials, is integral with contemporary open-plan living and achieves maximum open spaces. It is totally chemical free, lightweight and termite proof and is the only framing material offering greater peace of mind with a structural durability warranty of 50 years.  It is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable with 60% of all steel used in Australia currently made from recycled scrap, this allows for exact performance and structural criteria.

Its strength and durability offers builders and owners peace of mind against harsh weather conditions and man-made and natural disasters and is capable of withstanding cyclones, earthquakes, flooding, tsunami and raging bushfires.

Steel framing systems are fabricated in the workshop, delivered onsite and erected with speed and ease due to its lightweight structure and the preferred product of choice by tradespeople.  Less steel is required in fabricating frames and trusses, and smaller foundations are viable leading to reduced costs.

Property developers and reputable home builders are finding increased consumer awareness of steel framing systems with direct preference for the product to be used in the building of their homes.

Market Research Report written by Christel Broederlow

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