Great Australian Dream

Great Australian Dream

Home Ownership is the cornerstone of the Great Australia Dream, as it can provide financial and emotional securityHome Ownership Great Australia Dream for households and typically represents their largest lifetime investment.

Home owners are becoming more fastidious towards design and the materials used in building their homes and with many options available, features and benefits are key factors in the purchasing decisions made.

The steel framing industry is ever evolving through research and development which consistently adds weight and clout to the benefits of building homes with steel framing systems.

This series of articles uncovers the strength and durability of steel framing and how it stands up to extreme weather and environmental conditions over its counterpart wooden framing systems and highlights how consumers fears and needs can be allayed by offering a product with integrity and warranty.

It investigates the buying behavior of consumers in building a home and how they are affected through economic times, reflective interest rates, job stability, and personal debt. Geographic factors that determine what types of materials a consumer will purchase to ensure their home is safe from the elements, termite infestations and gradual decay and offers peace of mind.

Industry conditions have strengthened considerably in recent years despite the negative effect of the steady upward trend in mortgage interest rates resulting in revenue of $32.97 billion per annum derived from building houses. Revenue that is driven by the demand for accommodation from the unprecedented growth in the resident population over recent years (natural and immigration).

The building industry’s influencing factors in design and manufacture and how streamlining productivity achieves cost effectiveness. An industry supported by Government stimulus packages that encourages first home buyers to build and the economic benefits gained in return.

Historically the background of steel framing in Australia is rich and diverse and its past performances have led to the development of a sturdy product of the future being used in a current market.

We discuss what makes steel framing systems so appealing and through the marketing researched in this report, present a promotional campaign targeted at the largest purchaser of homes in Australia, the young family.

Market Research Report written by Christel Broederlow

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