Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.  What kind of drawings do I need to provide?
  • A. Architectural plans are required to create detailed drawings.
  • Q. I would like to renovate my home, can you provide detailed drawings from my sketches?
  • A. Council require architectural plans to be approved, once this is done Broederlow Drafting can convert the architects plans into detailed drawings ready for fabrication etc. 
  • Q.  What is the difference between architectural plans and drafting?
  • A.  These are two very distinctly different trades and skills.  On many occasions you may deal with an Architect firm and a completely separate Drafting business, however they often work in conjunction with one another to ensure the clients needs are being met professionally and efficiently.   An Architect is a licensed designer who creates the initial clients design (of the house etc) into architectural plans ready for council approval. When the client is happy with the Architects final design and approvals are granted, they require a builder to take their home to the next step.  A Builder receives the Architects Plans and then requires a Draftsperson to convert these into full working drawings for fabrication and site erection.  Detailed drawings provide accurate measurements of wall frames, trusses, beams, posts, floor joists, openings for doors and windows etc.
  • Q.  How long does it take to detail my drawings, and what are the costs?
  • A.  Every job is different in size, style, materials used etc, therefore time frames vary from several hours, to a week or longer for larger projects.  An approximate time and price can be supplied based on more detailed information being provided by the client.
  • Q.  What happens if during the design and build stage I as the owners builder make changes that effect the drawings supplied to me?
  • A.  Its often not until you are building that decisions are made to alter your design, and this can occur many times throughout building your dream home, contact your architect to ensure your design meets standards and then Broederlow Drafting so we can make a 'variation' as per your request.
  • Q.  Does it cost more money to make a 'variation?'
  • A.  Yes it does, and its important to take this into your budget consideration.  Variations can certainly be worthwhile, after all it is not every day that one gets to build their dream home, so getting it right at the design and build stage is crucial.  A variation means additional cost to the architect, detailer (us), manufacturer, council and engineers (if and where required) and of course you, the owner builder.
  • Q.  How can I prevent expenditure in regards to a variation?
  • A.  If you spot changes in your design and build stages, costs can be minimized by bringing all the changes together at once, so that your entire build team (which includes us) can make the variations in one go.  If however you make additional changes thereafter, these become 'variations' (a series of executive changes at different stages of your design and build) and that is where budgets can blowout, leaving you the owner builder in a challenging situation.  Be sure to get quotes from everyone involved to how much a variation(s) will cost you so you know what you are dealing with up front and can then make the call to whether or not you wish to go ahead.
  • Q.  Can you provide Structural Plans and/or Engineer Plans?
  • A.  Broederlow Drafting does not specialize in these areas, however we can highly recommend and refer you to qualified Architects and/or Engineers.
  • Q.  Do you have any information in regards to building a home with Steel Frames & Trusses?
  • A.  Yes we have a series of articles written by my wife for Market Research that may be of interest.  You can find them under Steel Homes.
  • Q.  I'm still not sure and have more questions, can I call you?
  • A.  Yes of course, we're more than willing to advise you in regards to your drafting needs.

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