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Home Owners
Doing an extension to your house? Not a problem, call us!
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Developing on your land? Yes we can provide workshop drawings!
Owner Builders
Building your dream home? We're with you all the way!

It means a great deal to our company to ensure we play an integral role of professionalism throughout.

So if you’re looking to build your dream home or make alterations, please provide Architectural Drawings so that we can create detailed working drawings.

You can then give your detailed working drawings to your chosen steel house frames manufacturer to supply and fabricate etc. We can refer you to several highly reputable manufacturing businesses in this area, as well as recommend qualified Architects and Engineers that we have built strong business relationships with.

From small extensions to building your home from the ground up - YES!  We've worked alongside many home owner/builders over the years. We can assist you in building your dream home with steel frames & trusses.

For more details please refer to the FAQ on our website.

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